Why Is Collagen Essential For Your Health?

Why Is Collagen Essential For Your Health?

Collagen is the new fashion word on all lips, and can now be found in virtually everything - from creams and cosmetics to powders and pills.

As the most abundant protein in the body, collagen is available in your muscles, skin, blood, bones, cartilage and ligaments.

The good news is that your body regularly produces collagen. But, it decreases with age.

Other lifestyle habits that can lead to the production of collagen to a sudden stop include smoking, sun exposure and an unhealthy diet.

Keep reading this article to discover five specific benefits you can try if you take the time for your collagen intake.

Top Five Benefits of Collagen

1. It can relieve joint pain

As your cartilage weakens and deteriorates with age, you may begin to feel harsh and sore joints.

It is possible that increasing collagen intake may help reduce joint pain and relieve arthritis symptoms.

2. Can reverse skin aging

One of the most well known benefits of collagen is its ability to promote a vibrant and vibrant skin.

This essential protein provides elasticity to the skin, helping it look younger and healthier. But as 

you get older and collagen production decreases, fine lines, loose skin and dryness can occur.

3. Helps build muscle and burn fat

Collagen is an important component of muscle tissue, so its no surprise that it can have a big impact when it comes to building muscle mass.

In addition, collagen also contains a concentrated amount of glycine, an amino acid involved in the synthesis of creatine. This can provide muscles with the fuel you need to power through your workout.

4. Can reduce cellulite

In addition to keeping your skin healthy and shiny, collagen can also help improve the appearance of stubborn cellulite.

Cellulite is when the layer of fat under the skin pushes against the connective tissue, creating a wavy or uneven appearance on the skin.

5. Can improve digestive health

Collagen is in the connective tissue of the intestine and can help sustain and strengthen the protective lining of the digestive tract. This is extremely important because changes in bowel barrier function, also known as leaky gut syndrome, may allow the passage of particles into the bloodstream. This can result in inflammation.

How to Add Collagen to Your Diet

Here are some easy ways to ingest collagen:

bone broth;

gelatin powder;

supplement with collagen peptides;

collagen powder.

What does science say about collagen?

The research seems to support collagen supplements for older people and people with conditions like 

arthritis, but a healthy person with a balanced diet may not see any benefit.

That said, there are also many natural ways to get your daily dose of this superstar nutrient daily. 

If you want to consume collagen naturally, eat a well-balanced, high-protein diet that includes animal products. Collagen is found in meat, chicken, fish and egg white.

Therefore, taking collagen supplements works in a very similar way to physical exercise - it is difficult to achieve a specific need, but increasing your intake may still have benefits.