Want to avoid allergies in your children? Have a pet!

Want to avoid allergies in your children? Have a pet!

Several studies have found that the risk of common allergies is significantly reduced in children who 

grow up with dogs and cats at home.

A health study has tracked children from birth to 7 years of age and found that the risk of suffering 

from allergies could be reduced by up to 50% in families that own pets.

How can your pet, hairy and sometimes stinky, really keep your child healthy? Lets understand this 


What happens when children play with cats or dogs?

The animals lick them. The lick is transferring many negative bacteria and this may be changing the 

way the childs immune system responds in a way that helps protect against allergies.

In addition to the physical health benefits, pet ownership for children offers a plethora of positive 

cognitive and emotional experiences.

Pets can help children develop discipline and responsibility

Important life lessons can result from pet ownership:

children can learn how and when to feed their pet;

take your pet out;

clean your pet or take your pet to the vet;

children also gain a sense of independence by owning pets.

Owning a pet, be it a dog, fish or parrot, can help position them to mature and responsible adults.

Positive relationships with pets lead to the development of trusting and respectful relationships 

with other humans.

A child who realizes that the survival of another creature depends on it creates a sense of 

consciousness and self-esteem.

Above all, caring for a pet teaches children to have respect for all living things, no matter the 


Children with asthma

If your child is allergic to pets or animal hair and the exposure has been identified as an existing 

asthma trigger, you should, of course, follow the advice of your pediatrician.

Some children with asthma, however, are not allergic to animals and can coexist with their pets. 

There is no answer on whether children with asthma may or may not live with pets.

How Pets Build Family Ties

A pet is often the focus of activities that families do together. Everyone takes the dog for a walk, 

or shares grooming and feeding, or lies on the ground and plays with it.

Pets are a great way to beat stress. They are not only known to offer unconditional love, but they 

can also give their owners a sense of purpose, which can be crucial for those who feel depressed.

Pets also fight feelings of loneliness, providing companionship, which can boost your mood in general 

and even bring you feelings of joy and happiness - including the sick and the elderly.

There are even benefits of simply seeing a cat chasing its tail or a fish swimming in its tank. 

Spending time like this offers the wonderful potential to slow down the hectic pace of modern life.