How To Remove a Tattoo

How To Remove a Tattoo

Whatever the reasons that led you to start thinking about removing a tattoo, it is always better to do your research and ask all the important questions beforehand.

Your best option is to consult a dermatologist. Dermatological surgeons can safely and effectively use different techniques to successfully remove unwanted tattoos. Lets understand better!

How can I remove my tattoo

We know you have a great tattoo, but sooner or later the question may come up "how can I remove my tattoo?".

Whether its a new job, musical taste or a movie audition, its best to make sure that the artwork on your skin will not interfere with your personal and professional goals.

The good news is that nowadays tattoo removal is safe and very effective.

Tattoos can be removed completely

Usually tattoos can be removed completely. It will only depend on the type and color of the ink, the type of laser used and the person who is performing the procedure.

Some paints are harder to remove than others, however, if the appropriate lasers are used, it is very likely that all the paint can be removed. The number of treatments varies and this depends on the colors.

How Long Does Tattoo Removal Last

That depends on the color and size of your body art. If you are expecting a tattoo removal session for the two green dragons on your back, you may want to take a step back.

The specialist will interview you about your expectations and schedule a treatment based on all aspects of your health, body and mind. The tattoo can be removed in just one session, but it depends on the professional approach customized for this procedure for each individual.

All subjects are taken into account - the age, size, color, type of tattoo and skin pigmentation.

Is Tattoo Removal Too Painful?

Getting a tattoo can be a pleasurable experience, but if you decide later that you do not want more paint on your skin, that pleasure can turn into pain.

But there are ways to ease this pain. They can be used:

anesthetic creams;

application of ice packs before and during treatment;

the simultaneous use of appliances that emit icy air on the skin greatly alleviates the discomfort.

How to Choose a Tattoo Removal Professional

You should go to the specialist who has the latest tattoo removal technology.

The technician should also answer all your questions and concerns. Check for customer reviews and ask your friends if they have had this experience.

General questions to ask before tattoo removal

Is the doctor certified in dermatology or another specialty with equivalent training and experience?

Was an initial assessment given to determine if the technique or procedure is appropriate for my skin type?

Did the doctor show you pictures before and after?


Healing can take two to eight weeks after each session. In that period, the tattoo gradually becomes clearer.

It is common for the treated area to become swollen and have a whitish coloration with bleeding spots soon after the procedure, but the symptoms should disappear within 24 hours.